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What is HESdesigns?

Hello, and thank you for visiting this site. I founded a small scale agency focused on providing website design services to escorts and adult entertainers.
I strive to create sites that are unique and stand out from the crowd.
Please look around and contact me if you have any questions.

Advantages of HESdesigns


Website Design

If you would like a website that will stand out from the templates that are so often used, we can design a website to your specifications. Customizations include color palates, fonts, and editing of any information. The possibilities are endless. We will work with you until your site is exactly as you want it.

Website Management

We know about your hectic schedule. We also bet that you would rather not spend your time dealing with domain registrations, website hosting, upgrades and upkeep . We can help manage these aspects of your site, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.


If you don’t already have enough high quality photos to use on your site, we can schedule a photoshoot when you are in the Washington DC area.. We also provide photo editing, including face blurring, obscuring tattoos, and watermarking.


If you would like to include a short video on your site to grab some extra attention, we can produce and edit that for you. If you already have some good video clips, we can edit them and add them to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

We all know how important it is to place in the top search results when someone looks for your site with a search engine. We can modify your present WordPress site to improve search engine ranking.

Update of Existing Websites

Do you have a website that needs updating and refreshing of its content? If it was built with the WordPress platform, we can update all the software and make any changes you would like.

Now Available

Classy 2-seat Mercedes Roadster is available for photoshoots in the Washington DC area at a very reasonable cost.  E-mail for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s why we are here.  We will discuss how you want your site to appear and function. We will walk you through the steps of getting your web domain and getting it hosted by an offshore host. We will build a temporary “staging” site that will not be available to the public, and once you are happy with the design, we will transfer it to your hosting service.

Expenses are always a major factor in everyone’s mind- and rightly so. The short answer is that every site is different, so there is no set price for our work. Cost depends on the degree of customization and time spent building the site. However, you will find our prices competitive with the larger firm “Basic Template” prices.

Absolutely. This is YOUR website. We will not include anything that you do not want.

Congrats on your decision to move forward. We will have an email discussion of your preference for style, colors, etc. You will let us know what things you want to include, and if you have any specific text you want you can send that along. You will need to send us your photos, and tell us if you want them cropped, watermarked or face-blurred. We will put together a sample site for you to review and notify us of any changes. Once everything is to your liking, we will upload it to your hosting company, and your site will be live online.

Once you have decided on the basic style and sent along your photos, we can usually have a site for you to preview within 1 to 2 weeks. This time may be shorter or longer, depending on current workload.

Here are Links to some of our recent work:


Pornstar Jadan Snow decided on a multi-page site in order to display plenty of information about herself.


This site features warm Autumn colors. It has a beautiful sticky navigation bar and includes a password-protected gallery.

Sample Websites

Multipage Sample

This site has a clean, modern appearance with multiple pages, including gallery, contact form, and calendar.

Photo-navigation Sample

This site has a front page consisting of a unique photo navigation menu. It iIncludes calendar, contact form, and gallery pages.

Photo-Navigation Sample 2

Navigate to 8 stunning pages including Public and Private Galleries, Calendar, Contact Form.

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